Programs for Adults

Author Presentation: Michael Fine, MD

of his book "Health Care Revolt"

Thursday, December 5th at 7 pm

“The U.S. does not have a health system. Instead we have market for health-related goods and services, a market in which the few profit from the public’s ill-health.”

Michael Fine , MD, is a community organizer, and family physician. He is the chief health strategist for the City of Central Falls, RI, and Senior Clinical and Population Health Services Officer for Blackstone Valley Community Health Care, Inc., and recipient of many awards and prizes for his pioneering work bringing together public health and primary medical care. He was director of the Rhode Island Department of Health, 2011–2015.


“Michael Fine is one of the true heroes of primary care over several decades.” —Dr. Doug Henley, CEO and executive vice president of the American Academy of Family Physicians

“As Rhode Island’s director of health, Dr. Fine brought a vision of a humane, local, integrated health care system that focused as much on health as on disease and treatment.” —U.S. Senator Sheldon Whitehouse

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In addition to the above Mohr Library books, here are a selection of books held in other libraries. Please email if you have additional suggestions to balance out viewpoints on this controversial subject.


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Monday Night Coloring for Grownups

Every Monday from 6-8 pm

Enjoy a therapeutic, relaxing, and enjoyable evening of coloring. There are many choices of designs, including stylized drawings, florals, and mandalas, along with markers and colored pencils. Come early or late. The program is free.

Friday Morning Knitting Group

Friday, 9:30 am

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